About Investors Choice Lending

Investors Choice Lending is a private hard money lender offering Boston’s real estate investors a unique opportunity to secure the funds they need. When you’ve got eyes on your next investment property, there’s nothing you want more than to close quickly and without hassle.

We’ve aligned ourselves with many National lending resources. This enables us to give our customers more favorable rates and terms.

When banks think you’re not financeable because you can’t verify your income, just give us a call. We write loans for investors just like you every day.

We have a number of unique products that the banks can’t offer.

Asset-Based Lending for Real Estate Investors

Here’s what the banks don’t see. You have a non-owner occupied investment property. And that property has equity. Why not get that equity out in cash and put it towards your next investment?

Writing loans based on income and tax returns alone is missing a big part of the picture. You’re already a successful investor. You’ve done this before, and you want to do it again. That’s how you grow wealth.

  • 30-year fixed rate as low as 4.875%
  • Fast closings
  • Loans from $100,000-$5,000,000
  • Investment property financing
  • No seasoning
  • Refinance to permanent financing at any time
  • Up to 75% LTV

Instead of trying to prove to an institution that you’re bankable, why not just come over to Investors Choice? We’ll take a look at the whole picture, and figure out how we can get you the funds you need.

Boston is a red-hot market for investment real estate right now. There are plenty of opportunities, and the smart money is diving right in. You can get your piece of it too; you’ve just gotta give us a call.

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