Low property prices combined with a booming rental market make Dorchester one of the hottest spots for real estate investors. So why does it seem as if it’s nearly impossible to find the financing you require for your next investment project?

Banks are still slow to approve real estate financing applications, even if you have a proven track record. Even the most experienced real estate investors and developers struggle to access traditional means of funding.

When banks and other lenders turn you away despite your investment plans, there is still an option for you to get your funding. Investors Choice Lending is the better option in getting the financing you need for your next property investment.

Whether you are planning on flipping residential homes, create a new building project, or need assistance in faster financing, we are here for you. See for yourself why we are among the most experienced lenders in the area!

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Hard Money Programs

Typical forms of financing are not always the best option for real estate investment needs. In fact, more banks turn down real estate deals, deeming them too risky.

However, our staff understands the process of buying, selling, and constructing real estate, offering an experienced team of hard money lenders. We offer many types of lending programs for virtually any financing needs, helping more area investors find the assistance they can’t get anywhere else.

No matter the scope or type of investment deal that you are planning, we are here for you. Choose from our many lending options available for your projects, including:

Hard Money Programs

  • Non-Verified Income Lending
  • Commercial Real Estate Loans
  • Mixed Use Real Estate Packages
  • No Seasoning Needed Lending
  • Fix and Flip Property Projects
  • Cash Out Refinancing Packages
  • And many more lending options.

Whatever the nature of your investment, we have the lending option for you.We assist investors all across Massachusetts in finding the best in hard money lending packages. When you need a direct way of securing financing for your investment opportunities, you can depend on us. Call the experienced lending team today to learn more!

Why Hard Money Loans?

Traditional financing sources are not as reliable as they once were. In fact, despite the thriving real estate market in and around Boston, many investors find difficulty in securing traditional loan types.

The loan process with these institutions is a long, drawn-out process. It’s even more frustrating when you wait longer just to get rejected!

Our hard money lending packages are ideal for real estate investment needs. We offer shorter approval periods and fair rates, assisting more investors with finding the funding that they can’t find elsewhere.

We know that real estate investment helps communities to continue improving. By providing a more straightforward way to finance your project, we understand that in the end, it will help Dorchester thrive.

If you are tired of traditional lenders rejecting your financing needs, then call Investors Choice Lending today. There’s a reason why more investors rely on us for their real estate lending!

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